This book provides fundamental yogic tips and concepts that will enable readers to live in a fulfilling way, without feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges and upheavals. Life is a significant, miraculous miracle. We are all made to be great in this world in our very own way. By following the fundamental yogic principles shared in this book, you can discover the real You: The unconfined, non-judgmental, inner beauty and strength that already exists within the person you are.

This helpful resource will provide essential tools you can use to discover your inner gifts, uncover limitations, and remove mental blockages that are hindering you from leading the life you truly desire and deserve. By following the simple practices in this self-development book and applying them to your everyday life, you will be on your way to uncovering the true inner joy and happiness we all are entitled to. It really is a matter of mindfulness!


Achieve success, happiness and fulfilment in your everyday life.


  • Find a greater passion and purpose in your life, as well as the strength to follow your heart's desire.
  • Unlock your intuition and hop on the right path to your success.
  • Discover more abundance in your life by equipping yourself with the tools to be more present and appreciative in your daily life.
  • Gain greater self-awareness and self-control by listening to your inner guru.
  • Increase your inner confidence by finding the strength to pursue your path.
  • Uncover the greatness that already exists within you; the unconfined, non-judgmental, inner beauty and strength you already harbour.
  • Learn how to remove the limitations and mental blockages that hinder you from leading the life you truly desire and deserve.


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