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Foundation Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)

Join us for our
200hr YTT Foundation

Transform your life &
career through Yoga

We will show you, step by step the most effective and easeful way to become a qualified yoga teacher in the booming health & wellness industry while supporting your personal development journey to the best version of yourself.

Here’s what you will receive from CARJA

Yoga Teacher Training


  • An internationally recognised 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification registered with Yoga Alliance, certifying you to teach anywhere in the world


  • 1 year of unlimited membership to all yoga classes in studio and/or live virtual from date of deposit, to deepen your practice and refine your teaching skills.


  • 5 Focused Study Areas: Anatomy, Philosophy, Methodology, Techniques, Practicum.

  • Immersion into the Carja Yoga Sequence to advance your practice.

  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual.

  • Proven process with a set sequence.


  • Be part of a fun and supportive community of like-minded individuals. You’ll join our private Facebook group, to receive on-going support from us to launch a successful career in yoga.


  • A complimentary 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching session from experienced trainers in the health & wellness industry to help you launch your career/business


  • Upon graduation, you get real life teaching experience in our weekly scheduled community class in studio and/or live virtual.


  • Option to learn live in-person/studio or live virtual lectures & classes via zoom from our yoga studio, that fits in with your professional schedule.

  • Weekend based learning (no retreat component).

  • Flexible learning environment.

  • Small class sizes.


  • Ultimately you will get much more than you paid for. Safe and inspiring environment. New friends for life. Unlimited love and care. Things you can’t put a price on.

2022 Course Dates


Friday night: 6pm to 9pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 9.30am to 5.30pm


Week 1) Sat 19, Sun 20 Feb
Week 2) Fri 25, Sat 26, Sun 27 Feb
Week 3) Sat 5, Sun 6 March
Week 4) Fri 11, Sat 12, Sun 13 March
Week 5) Sat 19, Sun 20 March
Week 6) Fri 25, Sat 26, Sun 27 March
Week 7) Fri 1, Sat 2, Sun 3 April
Week 8) Fri 8, Sat 9, Sun 10 April


Week 9) Fri 22, Sat 23, Sun 24 April
Week 10) Fri 29, Sat 30 April, Sun 1 May

  • For details on investment, please fill out the form below
  • Upstairs, Suite 21, 1-11 Elgar Road,
    Derrimut VIC 3030

About The Facilitator

Jennifer Tang

Jennifer Tang is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Director of Carja Yoga Academy. She is the Co-founder of Carja Yoga Studio and Health/HolisticCoach, with 1,000+ hours of training in yoga, and 10,000+ hours of coaching clients & educating students.

As an author, Jennifer is excited to release her upcoming book, “The Urban Yogi Handbook: A Yogic Guide To Connecting With Your True Self” to share her passion of yoga with the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?2022-01-16T13:42:18+11:00

Wear clothes that you can comfortably move & stretch in.

What if I miss out on a class?2022-01-15T22:49:52+11:00

No worries, we got you covered! All classes are recorded, so you can watch the recorded class in your own time.

What do I bring with me?2022-01-16T13:42:24+11:00

Bring your own yoga mat or hire one of ours for just $2 per class

Bring a water bottle and towel

What should I be aware of?2022-01-16T13:42:36+11:00

Please make your teacher aware before the class of any health concerns or injuries

Avoid eating a big meal 1 hour before class

Arrive at least 5 minutes before class as there is no late admittance

Switch off your phone

No glass water bottles

You may lie down at any time to take rest, but commit to staying in the room for the entire class

How long are the classes?2022-01-16T12:42:57+11:00

All classes run for 60 minutes (except for Mandala Yoga which runs for 90 minutes).

What are the benefits of yoga?2022-01-16T13:26:04+11:00

The benefits of this ancient practice are well-documented and too numerous to list. Below are some of the major benefits of yoga:

Accomplish Your Physical Goals

  • Achieve flexibility & strength
  • Build muscle strength & endurance
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Improve posture
  • Attain a fit, strong and functional body
  • Eliminate aches or pain in your body
  • Improve joint & bone health

Gain Mental & Emotional Clarity

  • De-stress & de-clutter the mind
  • Provides balance to a busy lifestyle
  • Boost your confidence
  • Connect with yourself in a loving & supportive environment
  • Encourages self-care, compassion & self-love

Embrace Spiritual Zen In Your Life

  • Improves focus, concentration & clarity of mind
  • Calms the mind for better decision making
  • Live a happy, fulfilling life
  • Invite mindfulness & presence in your life
  • Grow personally to have more impact
How long does this coaching course take to complete?2022-01-16T13:27:08+11:00

This course will run for 20 consecutive weeks (5 months) from 7 June – 18 October, 2022. This training can be completed LIVE via Zoom or In-Person. Assuming you pass, you will receive a Certified Coaching Certification from Carja Yoga Academy once you have completed the course in full.
Carja Yoga Academy provides the NLPAA (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Association of Australia Inc.) Coaching Specific Training Hours.

Can I do this course from anywhere in the world?2022-01-16T13:26:11+11:00

Yes. There are 2 ways you can choose to take this course. All 2 ways are included in your course enrolment so it’s like 2 courses in one.
1. LIVE Online Via Zoom
2. LIVE In-Person in Melbourne (once the pandemic is over)

Do I really need a coaching certification or qualification to coach people?2022-01-16T13:36:48+11:00

No. Coaching is an unregulated industry. Just as you can call yourself a tennis coach, you can also call yourself a life coach, mindset coach, health coach etc. “Coach” is not a term governed by law unlike a “Doctor” or “Lawyer”.
Most new coaches lack confidence so they believe the certification will give them that. What often ends up happening is they go down a never-ending path of coaching courses for many years and many tens of thousands of dollars, always striving never arriving.
Your clients care more about how confident and professional you are as a coach and the results you help empower them to achieve.

How soon can I start coaching people?2022-01-16T12:51:20+11:00

Immediately after 3 months into the NLP life coach training course (course runs for 5 months). Some people prefer to have some practice sessions for a few months before they begin charging which is fine too.

Will you teach us how to get coaching clients?2022-01-16T12:51:42+11:00

Yes! After completing our NLP Life Coaching program, you can contact our team to create a coaching profile on our website. This is like free marketing for you because our website visitors will search through coaches in their area and find you.
We also have a specific training module around the business of coaching. This includes learning how to deliver coaching discovery sessions following a specific sales script to educate your clients about your coaching program so that they are inspired to sign up for your coaching services.

How soon will I be able to replace a monthly income of say, $5000?2022-01-16T12:52:05+11:00

In between 1 to 6 months. We teach people how to offer clients “packages”. These could range between $3,000 – $12,000. So just 1 package could pay for the course.

Do I have to do my life coaching face-to-face?2022-01-16T12:52:18+11:00

No, the great thing about becoming a life coach is you don’t need an expensive office. In fact, phone or skype/zoom coaching has many advantages for both you and your personal clients including no travel time, ability to coach while travelling etc.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this course?2022-01-16T13:02:01+11:00

Definitely not! This training is designed for people wishing to deepen their practice as well as teachers wanting to delve into the Yin bliss bubble.

Will this training count towards my CPD points?2022-01-16T13:02:05+11:00

Absolutely! The Yin Training counts as 50 CPD points.

Will I be able to teach Yin after this training?2022-01-16T13:02:12+11:00

Provided you have insurance and first aid qualifications, then you’re all good to go!

Which Yin Yoga props do I need?2022-01-16T13:02:17+11:00

Yes, we recommend bringing or purchasing:
• 2 Blocks
• 1 Bolster
• 1 Blanket
This way you can practice your Yin and sequencing at home. We also sell these props in the studio.

How long does this 200hr training take to complete?2022-01-16T13:29:42+11:00

This training will run for 12 consecutive weeks, which means you can graduate as a certified yoga teacher in 3 months! We will give you access to this course for 6 months, in case you need the extra time. .

Interested in becoming a Yin Teacher?

Use the contact form below and we will be in touch with you.

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