Online Foundation Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)2022-01-16T13:30:56+11:00

Online Foundation Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)

Transform your life &
career through Yoga

We will show you, step by step the most effective and easeful way to become a qualified yoga teacher in the booming health & wellness industry while supporting your personal development journey to the best version of yourself.

Here’s what you will receive from CARJA

Yoga Teacher Training


  • An internationally recognised 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification registered with Yoga Alliance, certifying you to teach anywhere in the world


  • 1 year of unlimited membership to all yoga classes in studio and/or live virtual from date of deposit, to deepen your practice and refine your teaching skills.


  • 5 Focused Study Areas: Anatomy, Philosophy, Methodology, Techniques, Practicum.

  • Immersion into the Carja Yoga Sequence to advance your practice.

  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual.

  • Proven process with a set sequence.


  • Be part of a fun and supportive community of like-minded individuals. You’ll join our private Facebook group, to receive on-going support from us to launch a successful career in yoga.


  • A complimentary 1-on-1 mentoring/coaching session from experienced trainers in the health & wellness industry to help you launch your career/business


  • Upon graduation, you get real life teaching experience in our weekly scheduled community class in studio and/or live virtual.


  • Option to learn live in-person/studio or live virtual lectures & classes via zoom from our yoga studio, that fits in with your professional schedule.

  • Weekend based learning (no retreat component).

  • Flexible learning environment.

  • Small class sizes.


  • Ultimately you will get much more than you paid for. Safe and inspiring environment. New friends for life. Unlimited love and care. Things you can’t put a price on.

Investment: $1,997 (USD)

About The Facilitator

Jennifer Tang

Jennifer Tang is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Director of Carja Yoga Academy. She is the Co-founder of Carja Yoga Studio and Health/HolisticCoach, with 1,000+ hours of training in yoga, and 10,000+ hours of coaching clients & educating students.

As an author, Jennifer is excited to release her upcoming book, “The Urban Yogi Handbook: A Yogic Guide To Connecting With Your True Self” to share her passion of yoga with the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?2022-01-16T13:42:18+11:00

Wear clothes that you can comfortably move & stretch in.

What are the benefits of yoga?2022-01-16T13:26:04+11:00

The benefits of this ancient practice are well-documented and too numerous to list. Below are some of the major benefits of yoga:

Accomplish Your Physical Goals

  • Achieve flexibility & strength
  • Build muscle strength & endurance
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Improve posture
  • Attain a fit, strong and functional body
  • Eliminate aches or pain in your body
  • Improve joint & bone health

Gain Mental & Emotional Clarity

  • De-stress & de-clutter the mind
  • Provides balance to a busy lifestyle
  • Boost your confidence
  • Connect with yourself in a loving & supportive environment
  • Encourages self-care, compassion & self-love

Embrace Spiritual Zen In Your Life

  • Improves focus, concentration & clarity of mind
  • Calms the mind for better decision making
  • Live a happy, fulfilling life
  • Invite mindfulness & presence in your life
  • Grow personally to have more impact
Can I do this course from anywhere in the world?2022-01-16T13:26:11+11:00

Yes. There are 2 ways you can choose to take this course. All 2 ways are included in your course enrolment so it’s like 2 courses in one.
1. LIVE Online Via Zoom
2. LIVE In-Person in Melbourne (once the pandemic is over)

How long does this 200hr training take to complete?2022-01-16T13:29:42+11:00

This training will run for 12 consecutive weeks, which means you can graduate as a certified yoga teacher in 3 months! We will give you access to this course for 6 months, in case you need the extra time. .

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