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Our Story

How We Started

CARJA Yoga is founded by Caroline, Jennifer and Rodrigo. After being stressed out and miserable from their corporate careers, both sisters – Caroline and Jennifer – travelled to India as an escape. India is where they discovered the traditional and spiritual side of yoga. From here on, both sisters had a bright vision of opening a yoga studio, to serve their local community in a mindful way. Rodrigo, a Jujitsu practitioner, eventually jumped on-board, excited to share his fusion of traditional yogic knowledge with his intensive martial arts background.

Our Mission

CARJA Yoga exists to inspire connection and mindfulness within the community, in an accessible manner.

Our Values


We encourage connection with oneself and others through our on-going classes, workshops and special events. This is a special place where everyone can feel safe and a sense of belonging.


We believe the world would be a happier and peaceful place to live in, by regularly practicing mindfulness. We promote mindfulness in all our yoga classes.


CARJA Yoga Studio is partnering with The Youth Junction Inc. (a not-for-profit Youth Organisation committed to supporting youths in the Western Region) to provide on-going free yoga classes & mindfulness workshops for local youths.
The studio also provides free monthly meditation workshops to promote mindfulness in the community.


Our yoga studio is available and accessible to everyone in the community. Everyone is included!