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Why choose

CARJA Yoga exists to inspire connection and mindfulness within the community, in an accessible way.

We Genuinely Care

We care about your health, wellbeing and experience. We offer a free assessment to all clients to help you achieve your goals and to get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether you want to lose weight, de-stress or achieve something else, we can measure it for you and help you plan. Simply book in a FREE assessment with us today!

Community Focused

We provide free yoga classes to groups in the community that need it most, liaising with schools and youth groups in our region. We are passionate about sharing the power of yoga in transforming lives and enriching our community.

Specialised Yoga Teachers

All our yoga teachers are highly trained and have a rich background with experience in various yoga disciplines and lineages, including:

  • Hatha yoga (traditional Indian)
  • Yin yoga (incorporating the science of Chinese medicine) and
  • Vinyasa yoga (flow)

We incorporate the principles of:

  • Pranayama (breath-work)
  • Asana (movement) and
  • Dhyana (meditation: concentration and awareness) within our classes.

“I always look forward to these yoga classes. I feel wonderful afterwards. Even though I consider myself fairly fit, these classes are challenging!”

Brett Jordan, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

“Jennifer and Caroline visited our NAB offices for a Team Building & Wellbeing Day. Jennifer was able to make everyone feel relaxed by guiding us through an awareness and relaxation session, and giving us helpful tips on how to be more in tune with our surroundings. They brought a lot of cool equipment I had never seen before, including candles from India and a Tibetan sound bowl. I thoroughly enjoyed Caroline’s head massage and Jennifer’s soothing voice showing us to ‘be present’.”

Antonio Yao, Business Analyst, National Bank of Australia

“With the guidance of a young, fun and experienced team; their classes have provided me with a perfect balance to my everyday desk job and gym exercises. Special recognition to the Yin Yoga sessions with Jennifer, which have really helped with anxiety and decluttering my mind of any negative thoughts and fears. I highly recommend CARJA Yoga as the perfect balance to your work and everyday life.”

Ramoncito Abella, Manager, Catch Of The Day

“It’s great to take a time out from work. The yoga class really makes me feel energised. It helps me to clear my mind as well as all the positive effects I experience in my body. Thank you!”

Louisa Stephensvry, Associate, Goldman Sachs

“I really enjoyed my experience with CARJA Yoga – a very welcoming vibe where no one felt different and we were all there with a similar purpose. Some of the more advanced students would still get pointers and corrections to maximise their poses. Ever since I started with CARJA Yoga, my flexibility has improved and my stamina in exercise is more focused. Fantastic teachers who are purely there to make a difference and to improve your lifestyle.”

Ton Nguyen, Local Support, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

“I feel good – good balance of breath awareness, different poses and stretches. This class provides peace, mindfulness as well as a full body stretch.”

Anita Dinshaw, Analyst, Goldman Sachs

“The classes are great to stretch out my tight gluteus muscles from sitting down and wearing high heels all day. CARJA Yoga classes help me to feel relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day at work. Thank you so much Caroline, Jennifer and Rodrigo!”

Tina Chevalier, Analyst