Yoga For Beginners Course

  • 5 Week Online Self-Paced Course

This is a detailed and exciting course with a progressive curriculum, providing a strong foundation in yoga.

Expect individual attention, personal development, a safe & supportive environment and assistance from our experienced and conscientious teacher.

What you will learn

  • Fundamental techniques in yoga postures to strengthen your body, improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility

  • The most powerful yoga sequence – the classical Surya Namaskar
    (Sun Salutation)

  • Structured introduction to yoga and its philosophy to improve mindset and lifestyle
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) to de-stress and reduce anxiety

  • Meditation to improve relationships with ourselves & others

About the facilitator

Jennifer Tang

Jennifer Tang is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Director of Carja Yoga Academy. She is the Co-founder of Carja Yoga Studio and Health/Holistic
Coach, with 1,000+ hours of training in yoga, and 10,000+ hours of coaching clients & educating students.

As an author, Jennifer is excited to release her upcoming book, “The Urban Yogi Handbook: A Yogic Guide To Connecting With Your True Self”
to share her passion of yoga with the community.

Investment Fee

$197 (USD)

(includes a yoga manual so you can be confident to do a home-practice)

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